Advertiser FAQ :: CPMoz Advertising Network



Minimum Deposit
The minimum deposit is $50. Payment processor: PayPal (payments with a credit or debit card – Visa, Mastercard, Discover – also available with a PayPal account)

Allowed Websites
We do not accept websites with adult content, websites with illegal content and websites that proved to make use of malicious software that can be harmfull for network end-users. For CPV campaigns(pop-unders), the landing page can not contain other pops(pop-unders, pop-ups) and also no sound on the background.

Campaigns Approval
The advertising campaigns are activated in maximum 12h.

CPV Advertising
CPV – Cost per view(pop-unders) – starting from $0.001

Refund Policy
We will refund all the remaining funds if requested with only one exception: the advertiser change the landing page after approval(changes wich are against our ad serving policy) and/or make use of maliciuos codes.

Sign Up
Please follow the link to create a new advertiser account:Advertiser Sign Up