Drive traffic to your websites trough CPMoz Pop Under Advertising Network. With our quick and easy ad platform you can start advertise your bussines from day one.

  • Targeted traffic – We provide geo-targeted visitors and also niche traffic
  • Maximize ROI – maximize your return of investment with CPMoz
  • Optimized Campaigns – We optimize your advertising campaigns in order to get the best from your investment
  • More Conversions – More targeted traffic means more sales and revenue
  • CPV(pop under traffic) from $0.001
  • Worldwide coverage – We can reach any part of the globe trough our publishers
  • More info here: Advertiser FAQ


Why to advertise with CPMoz Advertising Network?

Because you have a lot of advertising options, settings and reports who can help you get the results you are expecting. Your ad listings will instantly appear on our affiliated websites which have related content to your product or service.

Listing Features

  • My Ads – Create or modify your advertisements
  • Keyword List – Manage keyword listing
  • Channel List – Manage Channel listing
  • Site List – Manage Site listing
  • RON targeting – Run of Network, serve ads across the entire network of member sites
  • Re-targeting – Bring Customers Back with Retargeting.
  • ISP target – Select the ISP targeting for the campaign

Campaign Settings

  • Change campaign name – Update your existing campaign name
  • Credit campaign – Transfer funds to the campaign to keep it running
  • Daily limit – The amount you want spend per day
  • Pause/resume campaign – You can temporary pause the camapign or restart it
  • Geo target – Select the country targeting for the campaign
  • Language target – Select the language targeting for the campaign
  • OS/Device target – Select the os/device targeting for the campaign(desktop, mobile or both)
  • Unique ip cap – The hour range that you do not want the same IP visitor seeing your ad
  • Block IP addresses – Submit any IP addresses you do not want to receive traffic from

Advertising Campaign Reports

  • General report – Generate a daily report with impressions, clicks, roi and costs
  • Keyword/channel report – Generate a report by your targeted keywords or channels
  • Geographic report – Generate a traffic report by traffic distribution
  • Site report – Generate a traffic report by publisher sites
  • Payment history – Generate a report for the spending on this campaign


Question: What websites are not accepted to promote?

Answer: We do not accept websites with adult content, websites with illegal content and websites that proved to make use of malicious software that can be harmfull for network end-users.

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